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Online Subscription


Membership fees are currently as follows,


It only takes a couple of minutes to apply for REBHP membership online with our streamlined online application process.

Payment is thru PayPal, from the credit card or PayPal account supplied at the time of registration.  Membership is ongoing and automatically renewed through PayPal, unless cancelled according to the provisions of our Terms & Conditions.

UK Members: £85 per annum/£26 per quarter (VAT exempt)

Overseas Members: £75 per annum/£23 per quarter (VAT exempt)

Student Membership with Journal: £55 per annum/£15 per quarter (VAT exempt)

Student Membership without Journal: free


Payment of Subscriptions-STANDING ORDER

Members who wish to pay by standing order direct from their bank account, can request an Application Pack to be sent by mail (click here). This option is only available to members living in the United Kingdom.

We recommend you read the Terms & Conditions for Membership before applying for membership.