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"Where do I find research on hypnotherapy for xxxx?"      "Where is the evidence for this treatment?"

The wonder of the web is that huge amounts of information are easily accessible. The whole method of linking documents that is the web was developed to help researchers locate information.
Today the vast wealth of research information is available online - and while often only abstracts are available that information is invaluable - and today more and more full text articles are made accessible.

So it is quite easy to find the research you are looking for on hypnosis and hypnotherapy. While there are a number of specific professional journals dedicated to hypnosis (listed below) often much research is published in journals specific to the condition being researched - for example gasterenterology or chronic pain - and so we need to search in the large online databases of research articles.

Journals dedicated to hypnosis and hypnotherapy:

The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hyponsis (IJCEH): - Impact Factor: 1.683
The leading academic peer-reviewed journal dedicated to hypnosis and hypnotherapy. REBHP members have online access to full articles (please contact us if you haven't received your email voucher for online access.) The search interfaced is easy to use and gives excellent useful results. Members of the public can also search the entire archive and read abstracts here:
Search The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis

The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis (AJCH) - Impact Factor: 0.364
Another influential peer-reviewed journal from The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.
You can search and read full articles online here:
Search The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis

Contemporary Hypnosis: Impact Factor: N/A
Contemporary Hypnosis is a UK publication from the British Society of Academic and Clinical Hypnosis.
You can search online and read abstracts here:
Search Contemporary Hypnosis

The Australian Journal of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis: Impact Factor: N/A
- not searchable online.
A small number of articles are available here - where you can also subscribe:
http://www.asch.com.au/publications/journal-list.htm :


Online Databases of Research Articles:

Different databases access different journal articles and provide different interfaces to search and retrieve results.
Unfiltered vs Filtered: unfiltered searches will give results for all articles in peer-reviewed journals vs filtered searches are on sites that have stringent quality guidelines for the quality of the articles (and therefore the confidence we have in the quality of evidence). e.g. The Cochrane Library reviews research articles on clinical trials to ensure they meet suitable criteria before entering them into their database.


Unfiltered Search Results

Pub Med
Pub Med is a free database giving access to over 19 million citations, abstracts and some full text articles.
Search Pub Med - however there are several alternative search interfaces for Pub Med....

iPubMed: Alternative fast (as you type!) fuzzy search of Pub Med: iPubMed Search

Novoseek (PubMed):
a new biomedical search interface - let's you easily see related treatments and topics - and which articles have full text access vs asbtract only: Novoseek Search

Google Scholar
An excellent research tool Google Scholar provides a wealth of search results to articles - often showing where full text access is available.
Search Google Scholar

Filtered Search Results

The Cochrane Library
The Cochrane Collobration is a global network of dedicated volunteers which aims to improve healthcare decisions globally by systematically reviewing treatments and treatment options. Cochrane Systematic Reviews are regarded as the highest level of evidence on which to base clinical decisions. A good article on the Cochrane project was published recently in Newsweek.
Searches in the Cochrane Library give results organised by quality of evidence - i) Cochrane Review ii) Other Systematic Reviews iii) Clinical Trials. Searching here is an effective way of finding the highest quality evidence as only quality trials and results are in the library.
Search the Cochrane Library

NHS Evidence
One of my favorite sites for the clear way results are presented. You won't get every research article here only those that meet certain criteria. So limited but better quality research evidence.
Search NHS Evidence