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Membership Benefits

Why become a member?

(REBHP is a UK-based organisation, certain membership benefits may be unavailable
to overseas registrants.  Please contact us for details.)

1/ Members benefit from the status and standards of the Register:

Currently REBHP is the only register for hypnotherapists and psychotherapists which both requires an adherence to evidence-based practice and prohibits controversial practices such as stage hypnosis and past-life regression. It is the aim of the register to raise the standards of hypno-psychotherapy and engage with the medical community and leading researchers in the field of hypnosis. The Committee fully intends to create a strong and valued brand by requiring high professional standards and liaising strategically with the medical and psychotherapeutic professions and the media.

Members are able to use titles after their name (such as "REBHP Accredited Hypnotherapist" ) and use the Register's logo on their website and promotional materials.

2/ Research resources:
The register are continually making available new articles and guidelines on evidence-based practice, including a data on research and clinical trials using hypnosis. Access to reliable, peer-reviewed research and studies is essential for evidence-based practice.

3/ Free subscription to the world's leading hypnosis research journal:
The publishers of The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (IJCEH) have agreed to provide all REBHP members with FREE subscriptions (normally £80/annum). IJCEH is an invaluable resource for evidence-based practitioners and is considered the leading journal on hypnosis for serious researchers and clinicians.
In addition members now also have free online access to IJCEH.

4/ Listing in REBHP's online directory:
Free inclusion and updates of Member details, including active links to their own websites and email addresses. Our directory is actively promoted on the internet and lists well in the major search engines.

5/ Free nationwide referrals facility.

6/ Access to discounted Professional Insurance:
The professional responsibilities of a practicing therapist include ensuring that they have appropriate liability and indemnity insurance cover for the work in which they are engaged.  The Register requires that practicing therapists ensure that they have such insurance cover.  Professional insurance can be obtained from Howden Professionals at a discounted premium for members.  Call 0845 3711433 or visit the website below.


The Register are unable by law to give advice on specific insurance packages, however.

7/ Discounted marketing services - including websites, printing and marketing advice.
(coming soon)


1/ Online community and support:
We will launch an online community forum for members. Here therapists can post questions and ask for support and advice. The REBHP Committee is deeply invested in creating a community of co-operation, shared wisdom and mutual support.

2/ Quarterly Newsletter:
Each quarter we'll be providing a newsletter, by email and online, covering developments in the field of hypnosis and furthering the discussions around evidence-base practice.

3/ Community workshop days:
Essentially a structured day facilitated by a committee member or senior therapist where we can come together and learn from each other.

4/ Group supervision:
Considered by many to be an excellent model for the first few years as a therapist. It is cost-effective and we learn faster in a group than on our own.

5/ NHS & GPs Communication Pack:
Template letters and materials for members to introduce themselves to their local NHS practice - targeting individual GPs, Practice Managers and Consultants.

6/ Blog, RSS feed and bulletins on important research and news

7/ A portal for online research

8/ Book reviews and recommendations